NeuroTran 10.1

It translates documents, reports, letters and more to and from foreign language
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NeuroTran® is a software translator that translates books, web pages, documents, e-mails, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters and more to and from a foreign language.

The research studies have shown that NeuroTran® users can save up to 80% of the time they spend writing and understanding complex documents written in a foreign language.

You can translate a simple document in a few minutes! Hundreds of thousands of experiments have shown that this software can produce the most accurate translations compared to all other known competitors.

NeuroTran® is a high end translation product. It translates sentence-by-sentence by using advanced artificial intelligence rules. NeuroTran® understands what the subject, predicate and object are in a sentence. Based on this and other important information it inflects translations properly and rearranges word order in the translated text as well as chooses an appropriate translation for any given word based on the type of text being translated.

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